Community & Philanthropy | Jul 12, 2021

Introducing 'Only Love', a new mural by Carmen Chan at CF Pacific Centre

The ‘Only Love’ mural will be on display from June 30th until the end of August

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According to a recent article from Bloomberg, over the past year, more anti-Asian hate crimes were reported to police in Vancouver, than in the top 10 most populous U.S. cities combined. As one of Canada’s most multicultural cities (where a quarter of residents speak a Chinese language), this recent surge of attacks and increase in racial tensions is alarming and not at all reflective of the Canadian values our country prides itself on - those of peace, fairness, respect, inclusion and diversity.

Recognizing the critical need for Vancouverites to show their support for the Asian community and its intolerance towards Asian-hate crimes and racist behaviours, CF Pacific Centre is proud to partner with Carmen Chan, a Vancouver-based visual artist to design a community mural as a symbol of hope, peace and unity. 

The ‘Only Love’ mural will be on display from June 30th until the end of August for Vancouverites and visitors to experience its beauty and symbolism, aimed at celebrating the Asian community and serving as a source of light and inspiration during an incredibly dark period in the city’s history. 

If you’re local, we invite you to come check out the mural which embodies the optimism that Carmen would like to bring to the Stop Asian Hate conversation in Vancouver, on display above CF Pacific Centre’s shopping centre entrance on the corner of Granville Street and Robson Street. Its colourful design pays tribute to Asian culture through the inclusion of a Chinese dragon. The traditional dragon is depicted breathing out a stream of abundant flowers, instead of its natural defense to spew destructive fire and cause damage, metaphorically spreading love instead of hate. The flowers chosen are those recognizable in Asian culture - hibiscus, cherry blossoms, peonies, magnolias - representing the diversity of the Asian community in Vancouver. The petals give movement and flow, symbolizing the spread of this positive message - to inspire change within ourselves and hope that when faced with racism, we collectively choose to respond with love.

As an engaged community member that believes art plays an important role in creating a sense of belonging, CF Pacific Centre is honoured to work with Carmen Chan on this vital project. CF Pacific Centre is also showing its advocacy for Asian communities by making a donation to the Hua foundation, which will help support the organization’s critical work in racial equity and civic engagement issues.

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