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Meet Our Team

Samuel Ham

Director, Retail Leasing

CF Market Mall & CF Polo Park

(403) 247-5910

Matt Henderson

Senior Manager, Retail Leasing

CF Market Mall, CF Polo Park & Temp Leasing - West

(403) 247-5911

Murray Kavanaugh

Senior Leasing Manager

CF Chinook

(403) 247-5926

Shakeel Lakhani

Leasing Representative

Temporary Leasing - Ontario

(437) 996-2368

Obaid Malik

Manager, Retail Leasing

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

(403) 247-5917

Maria Mitri

Leasing Representative

Temporary Leasing - East

(514) 353-2179

Olivia Montagna

Senior Manager, Retail Leasing

CF Lime Ridge

(416) 598-8480

Shauna Moore

Senior Manager, Retail Leasing

CF Masonville Place & Temporary Leasing - Ontario

(416) 598-8544