Pacific Centre


The Cadillac Fairview approach focuses on anticipating and satisfying the needs of every one of our tenants. We are dedicated to creating a community driven professional, hassle-free office environments and exciting shopping venues.

Our Services

CF Connect

We believe that the most effective tenant service is prompt, responsive, and results-oriented. That’s why Cadillac Fairview is pleased to offer CF CONNECT - a service designed to provide tenants with a web-based, instant connection to our service program.

CF Eats

The food you love, all in one place. Order delivery or pickup from your favourite Cadillac Fairview restaurants.

CF Concierge

Experience on-demand building news and events, frictionless workplace amenities and special offers all in one place.

Coming soon!

Security and Life Safety

Creating a safe and secure environment for our tenants is, quite simply, the most important job we have. Maintaining secure conditions over the three- square city blocks of Pacific Centre is an immense task. Our Security Control Centre team and our front-line security personnel, are dedicated to their round-the-clock safety responsibilities.


Safe Walk

Security offers a Safe Walk service to escort your staff members requiring assistance to their vehicles, bus stop, SkyTrain, and other destinations. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To take advantage of this service, contact the Security Control Centre at 604-669-3241 to arrange for a member of our Security team meet you at your office or a convenient location. Fifteen minutes' advance notice is usually required.


Emergency Preparedness Contact Information

Cadillac Fairview is committed to providing the necessary resources and procedures to ensure that Pacific Centre responds effectively to any emergency or disaster, so tenants and visitors to the Centre can work in a safe environment.


Training Information

Throughout the year we present tenants with a variety of Awareness and Training sessions, ranging from Fire Prevention Training to Emergency Preparedness courses.

  • Lunch and Learn Seminars

  • These regularly scheduled sessions address a range of topics.

  • From health and safety issues to security awareness.

  • Fire Prevention Training.

  • Emergency Warden Training

  • Semi-annual classes are conducted for all volunteer Fire Wardens. For more information on individual courses, contact Brent Findley, Senior Manager - Fire and Life Safety, at 604.630.5330 or

Access Information (Cards / Keys / Main Contact)



Because security is a top priority at Pacific Centre, all tenants are required to have an access card in order to access the property after normal business hours. Individuals arriving at the building without their access card will require an authorized tenant representative to escort them into the property.

Persons without an access card or keys will also be granted access to the property if an authorizing letter has been received by the Security Control Centre in advance of their arrival.

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Receiving Access

To obtain an access card or keys, an email is required from an authorized Tenant Representative or Office Manager. If an access card or keys are lost or stolen, immediately notify Building Security at 604.669.3241. After-hours: 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Monday to Friday and 24 hours on Saturday, Sunday, and statutory holidays. If you have any questions about your access card or keys, contact the Access Control Office by phone at 604.630.5321 or by email at

Tenant Forms, Permits and Manuals

Tenant Forms, Permits and Manuals