Our Communities

Transforming Communities for a Vibrant Tomorrow

CF is set apart in the marketplace as a creator of iconic destinations. Our properties provide meaningful experiences, which lead to relevant, purposeful, and personal community connections. By creating spaces that foster human connection and a sense of belonging, CF aims to have a positive impact in the cities and the communities in which we operate. We support citizens, businesses and charities that meaningfully serve local communities, with a specific focus on social connection, health & well-being and economic impact.

Our Areas of Focus

Social Connection

To foster a meaningful sense of connection and empower people to contribute to their communities, we invest in genuine relationships between CF colleagues and local representatives to bring people together through relevant programming.

Economic Impact

We provide our communities with a significant economic presence with close to 122,000 people employed at our shopping centres and office buildings. This economic presence also stretches to city infrastructure and development projects, which employ hundreds more every year.

Health & Well-Being

Throughout all of our operations, we support healthy community and lifestyle aspects comprising work, life and play. We believe there is great value in learning from and partnering with community-based organizations to understand and respond to the effects of social isolation.

Helping Shape the Communities We Serve

We understand the critical role Real Estate plays in transforming communities for a vibrant tomorrow. We are striving to create a positive change for Canadians facing social isolation. Social Isolation and a feeling of loneliness are a growing concern and threat to the vibrancy of our communities that are inextricably linked to vulnerable populations in Canada. 


In 2021 CF furthered our commitment to communities by directing philanthropic efforts towards programming which addresses social isolation. Our ongoing commitment is to deliver over $2 million in funding to local organizations annually to combat this serious issue – serving vulnerable populations in Canada including youth, newcomers, racialized minorities, women, and the elderly. See below for our eight regional charity partners In addition to these partnerships, CF actively supports local charities in the communities we are a part of, through property-led philanthropic efforts driven by each community's unique needs.

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CF knows that the built environment affects how people live and relate to the world around them, and our core commitment is to create spaces and neighborhoods that enable people and businesses to connect and thrive.

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