Our Partners

Built on Trust

Trust is one of CF’s key competitive strengths. As we establish high standards across our business, ground our decision making in our corporate values, effectively address shortcomings and act transparently, our employees, tenants, visitors and business partners will continue to choose CF because our reputation is built on trust. We enable this by nurturing a culture based on solid ethics, compliance, and governance.

Ethics, Compliance & Governance

CF’s Code of Business Conduct (“our Code”) guides our decision making in order to ensure and maintain a culture of integrity. Updated annually, our Code sets out CF’s expectations regarding conflicts of interest; respect for our co-workers; integrity-based decision making; respectful and responsible use of data and technology; and protection of CF’s property. It also addresses specific risk areas that reflect the scope and complexity of our global business, like anti-corruption and bribery; data privacy and information security; environmental compliance; health and safety; and business ethics.

Best-in-Class Collaborations

CF is proud to develop deep, long-term relationships with best in-class business partners who share our values. Our business and investment partnerships leverage our track record of sound and steady leadership, integrity based on good governance, and strict regulatory and legal compliance — fundamental principles as CF increasingly looks to high-potential international markets for growth and diversification.

Case Studies