Our People

Resilience During Crisis

At a time when the health and safety of our people were of the utmost importance, CF’s Purpose and Values allowed us to respond quickly and shift our priorities to support our teams in new ways. From the implementation of stringent safety standards, to providing guaranteed pay, we supported our employees with a range of COVID-19 resources.

We also shifted our focus to address not only the effects of human isolation and its consequences on mental health, but also the urgent societal issues emerging throughout the pandemic. This represented an opportunity to amplify our own work on inclusion and diversity while reflecting on our I&D journey thus far.

Pandemic Response

To support our people as we navigated an evolving pandemic, we deployed resources and critical information, including CF’s COVID-19 Resource Centre, and reinforced 24/7 access to the company’s confidential Employee Assistance Program. During the gradual re-opening of businesses, we supported our employees with a comprehensive Return to Workplace Safety Guide covering a wide range of topics.

Values and OneCF Culture

The collision of numerous challenges emerging in 2020 called for extraordinary resolve and adaptability — reflecting our values of collaborating effectively, engaging with empathy and embracing change — and our people responded admirably... as OneCF.

Our People