Our Planet

Our Environmental Responsibility

CF has a long standing history of leadership when it comes to sustainability, starting with the launch of the Green at Work® program (GAW) in 2008, and most recently being ranked #1 in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey amongst our peer group (North America Diversified - Office/Retail/Core) and an A+ rating from the UN Principles For Responsible Investment (UNPRI). While we take tremendous pride in these accomplishments, our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop here. As an organization we will continue to develop innovative solutions to take action against climate change by establishing bold targets related to emissions, energy, climate resilience, sustainable transport, water and waste.

Our Sustainability Commitment

With the accelerating effects of climate change, our commitment to climate action and resource protection has never been a clearer priority. CF's aspires to:
  • Enable low carbon community transformation

    Mitigating climate change through emissions and energy reduction, and building resilience to the impacts of a changing climate

  • Ensure a resource filled & sustainable tomorrow

    Driving environmental protection through efficient & responsible use of resources

Our Targets & Results

Innovative initiatives and programs like on-site composters in our Western Portfolio properties, connecting our downtown Toronto properties to the Enwave deep lake cooling system, and launching a first-of its-kind energy smart analytics program and training for our Operations teams on efficient building operations, have demonstrated leadership and achieved tangible business results. Our future annual, mid-term and long-term targets align with the global imperative to take action on climate change and meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. In order to ensure alignment with the latest scientific information, our targets will be re-evaluated on an annual basis. Please read on to view our results and ongoing targets.


  • Results:

    ↓ 56% since 2008

  • Ongoing Targets:

    ↓35% reduction by 2030 vs 2017 for operated portfolio (Scope 1 & 2)

  • Ongoing Targets:

    Net Zero emissions before 2050 for operated portfolio (Scope 1&2)


  • Results:

    ↓ 48% since 2008

  • Ongoing Targets:

    ↓1-3% year over year

Climate Resilience

  • Results:

    100% properties completed climate risk evaluation

  • Ongoing Targets:

    100% properties to complete climate risk & resilience measure evaluation annually

Sustainable Transportation

  • Results:

    343 electric vehicle charging stations across Canada

  • Ongoing Targets:

    100% operated properties to have bike racks and electric vehicle charging stations


  • Results:

    ↓ 77% since 2008

  • Ongoing Targets:

    ↓2% year over year

  • Ongoing Targets:

    Design water fixtures that reduce -40% (minimum) in potable water consumption for new developments


  • Results:

    79% diversion rate

  • Ongoing Target:

    70-90% waste diversion by asset class and for new office construction

  • Ongoing Targets:

    Low waste dining halls in BC, AB, MB, ON

Green Certifications & Benchmarks

  • Results:

    100% of CF properties have achieved at least one Green Certification including LEED, BOMA BEST, Energy Star

  • Results:

    17 properties have achieved WELL, FitWell certifications

  • Ongoing Targets:

    Maintain LEED certification at all office properties (minimum)

  • Ongoing Targets:

    Maintain BOMA BEST certification at all retail properties (minimum)

Our Approach: Green at Work

CF became the first Canadian real estate organization to establish a sustainability operations program when we launched GAW in 2008. We recognized early on that sustainability principles not only provided environmental benefits, but also delivered clear business value to our clients, shoppers and building occupants. Over the course of its lifetime, the program has led the industry, achieved annual industry awards and recognitions, and driven the results shared in the Targets & Results section above. CF properties are required to meet annual performance targets for energy, water, waste, and implement operational best practices. An industry-leading web-based platform allows CF to centralize the GAW program and optimize sustainability reporting and data at the property and portfolio level.

Green at Work: Areas of Focus

Climate Action

Drawing from our insights into the vast amounts of energy required to heat, cool, operate and maintain our portfolio, we are deeply committed to our Green at Work Climate Action pillar, which focuses on Energy & Emissions, and Climate Resilience.

Resource Protection

To ensure the protection of critical natural resources, our industry-leading approach to resource management establishes clear property targets, implementing best practice standards based on data tracking and leading-edge platforms.


Through Green at Work, we are focused on raising awareness and promotion of healthy living practices, including indoor air quality testing to ensure comfort and peace-of-mind in our indoor spaces. We also enhanced our standards and procedures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus and keep our employees, building occupants and visitors safe.

Awards, Certifications & Benchmarks

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