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At Simcoe Place, we do our very best to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients. From the moment our clients arrive each morning, their focus is on the business of the day. Our focus is on creating an environment that is first rate, comfortable and always professional. Our clients expect it and we do our very best to provide it. It’s also our job to keep them fully informed about all Simcoe Place news and events as well as interesting offerings in the surrounding community.

Security and Life Safety

At Simcoe Place, our number one priority is to create and maintain a safe and secure environment for our Tenants. Of the many operational tasks that fill an average 24 hour cycle, nothing takes priority over tenant and site security. We've been in the business long enough to know that a safe and secure environment is also a positive and productive environment. Our dedicated Security Team monitors the complex round-the-clock via foot patrols and CCTV surveillance. If you have a security emergency, please call 416-340-8786 without delay. All other non-emergency Security enquiries should be directed to 416-340-6615. If you have a medical emergency, first call 911 and then Building Security at 416-340-8786.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures

The health and safety of our tenants, guests, partners, employees and community is our first priority. As we continue to navigate these challenging times, we have taken several steps and implemented numerous measures to help keep you safe. 1. Sanitation Stations at every entrance 2. Enhanced cleaning in our common areas 3. Reporting Procedures to coronavirus, to ensure that we are able to contact Health Canada in a timely manner, receive guidance based on the situation and take action as required 4. Restaurant & Food Court Take-Out 5. Limited Retail Operations

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At Simcoe Place we strive to support and improve the health and wellness of our tenants. The benefits of a thriving workforce are clear – increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, less turnover and greater employee engagement. As a landlord, we know we can impact occupant health and wellbeing through building Structure, Operations and Programs. All our programs are designed to positively influence each and every one of our tenants’ wellness through three interconnected components – Body, Mind and Experience.

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Emergency Contact

24/7 Security 416-340-8786

General Contact

Main Office Line 416-340-6615

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Automated External Defibrillator

Our dedicated Security Team monitors the complex round the clock via foot patrols and CCTV surveillance. Security staff are highly trained professionals that are certified as medical responders in first aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The property has two (2) AEDs located at the lobby/security desks. Security staff are fully trained on these units. When faced with a medical emergency, first call 911 and then call building security (416-340-8786). Security will respond with the appropriate First Aid Supplies and AED. All other non-emergency Security enquiries should be directed to 416-340-6615.

Tenant Forms, Permits & Manuals

Tenant Forms, Permits & Manuals

Our Services

CF Connect

We believe that the most effective tenant service is prompt, responsive, and results-oriented. That’s why Cadillac Fairview is pleased to offer CF CONNECT - a service designed to provide tenants with a web-based, instant connection to our service program.

CF Eats

The food you love, all in one place. Order delivery or pickup from your favourite Cadillac Fairview restaurants.

CF Concierge

Experience on-demand building news and events, frictionless workplace amenities and special offers all in one place.

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